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After logging into a user account at (or any other webservice) and trying to download a sample, the Chrome/Firefox/etc. browser blocked the file.


In case of Chrome (though the solution will be very similar for any browser), if a file is blocked by the browser, it is usually possible to "recover" the file on the downloads page.

After trying to download a file and seeing such a notification in the footer of your browser:

  1. Go to your downloads: CTRL+J
  2. Press "Keep Dangerous File":

  3. Press "Keep anyway":

  4. The file will now be available as a .bin.gz file. Unpack the archive and the contained .bin file is the sample.

    Attention: do not rename the .bin file or otherwise execute the file, if you are not within an isolated environment and/or an IT-security researcher and know what you are doing!! Samples offered on our webservice are very often malicious and will damage/harm your computer irreversibly. Please fully acknowledge our Terms and Conditions of Use ( before using our services.