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I accidently uploaded a document/file that contains sensitive company information to the public webservice. How can I get the report removed?


All files submitted to the public webservice at will be searchable and available to the world. Even if the checkbox "Do not share my sample with the community" is checked, the screenshots and actual report will still be made available. That is, the "do not share" portion only applies to the actual input sample. As a screenshot or extracted strings may reveal confidential or proprietary information, it is not advised to upload any sensitive files to the public webservice at all. Instead, you should consider purchasing a private webservice at or a standalone license to run the system within your own infrastructure.

(New!) You can now request takedown by using the "Report Abuse" button at the top of any report:

In case the report is a "no specific threat" document, it will be taken down automatically with immediate effect. In all other cases, the report will be reviewed for takedown by a staff member (as we want to avoid valuable malware analysis reports from disappearing).

Please follow these (far slower) steps if the 'Report Abuse' button (as outlined above) does not work for you:
  1. Send an E-Mail to 'General Support' via
  2. Provide the full report URL that you want removed
  3. Provide a notice why you want the report removed (i.e. contains intellectual property, confidential data, etc.).

Note: we will not remove reports that are of exceptional relevance to the IT-security community.